Embracing a Healthy Family: Somber Day Today: Fallen Soldier Tasks

Somber Day Today: Fallen Soldier Tasks

My somber day begins today with the horrible reality of being in the military.  My husband is on his way to deliver the remains of one of his soldiers who took his life to the family waiting. 

I've never experienced this in spite of his repeat tours in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan.  He was told he should watch the show titled Taking Chance which tells the story of the one, Kevin Bacon, who returns with the remains of a fallen soldier.

I'm organizing a fund raiser for the little two year old daughter he left behind.  This up and rising Warrant Officer was on his way to a bright military career protecting our country from harm's way.  At 29, he endured issues that he couldn't handle and tragically ended his life last Sunday.   I'm reaching out to fellow bloggers on any suggestions on raising money for this unfortunate situation.

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