Embracing a Healthy Family: Family Fun Activity with Playmobil Advent Calendar: Knight's

Family Fun Activity with Playmobil Advent Calendar: Knight's

Today, I received my MomSelect Holiday Product Pak that included this creative Playmobil Advent Calendar Knight's Duel Chevalier.  I cannot begin to explain why this is a hit in our house as I have a gamer husband who is also a history buff and a six year old who loves whatever daddy loves.  It's 90 pieces of what can be family fun if you put it together as a family.  I think if I had to put it together by myself, I wouldn't have had as much fun.  The pieces that go in the boxes are made of plastic but the wall calendar, boxes and stage to get them on are made of cardboard.

It's an easy kit even though the sound of putting together 90 pieces may be daunting but to show how easy it is, the instructions are via pictures and no words are needed.  My oldest helped assemble the boxes, my husband put the boxes on the calendar and the girls played with the pieces.  I was reluctant at first after opening the box and seeing all the pieces but once we started building, it became fun.  It's the family gift that keeps giving and I can only imagine how excited they will be opening a box each day to put together the play scene.  There is even enough room to hide a piece of chocolate in most of them.  What a surprise treat for them!

It really fits easily on the wall and the boxes will hang with no problems.  It's cute and fun.

If you are looking for a new family tradition or just some good family fun, they are inexpensive. 

The only con might be durability since the boxes are made of cardboard.  You will want to be careful when opening and closing them as well as putting them on the calendar.  All in all, it's a great way to have fun and start a new family tradition.

*Note:  I was provided the Playmobil Advent Calendar to review by MomSelect.  I was not compensated any other way.

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