Embracing a Healthy Family: Have a Product to Sell? Check Out Womentorz

Have a Product to Sell? Check Out Womentorz

You have to love the internet and if you think of life before the net, how on earth did we survive?   Have you ever noticed those movies before TV and wondered what all they did if they had free time in between all the chores?  I try to tell my oldest how lucky she has it because the internet was just coming around when I was in high school and was really only available to an open audience when I hit college.  Throughout those years, either from being a workabee, a mother, a student or a wife, I often thought of products to sell but never ventured forward as it seemed so daunting. 

Luckily, there are platforms such as Ebay and Etsy to help grow your at home business.  A new marketplace has opened up that makes it easier to get your foot in the door and it's called Womentorz.  Here is an excerpt from the site:

Womentorz.com is a marketplace for you to see the latest inventions made by women for women that can't be found in stores. It's a great place to find unique gifts and interesting gadgets that solve problems in daily life. You will also have peace of mind that you are supporting a network of creative women and sustaining their independence.

Our company was founded to provide a mutually supportive and informative online community dedicated to helping creative women bring their ideas to market. Our service is simple: Womentorz.com provides a user friendly, membership-based e-commerce website which allows women inventors to sell their products directly to consumers, thereby eliminating cost and dependency on retail distribution.

Women Inventors: Benefits of Using Womentorz.com!

Let's talk about costs associated with creating and maintaining a high-quality website. When you add it all up, membership makes perfect sense. Add to that the additional cost of effectively marketing your product and driving viable traffic to your website and it becomes invaluable.
  • Web Developer = 40k +!
  • Marketing Costs = Multiple thousands!
  • Attorneys Fees = Multiple thousands!
  • Your time = Let's face it - time is money!
We've done the legwork for you! Your product will not be thrown in with hundreds or thousands of others hoping to be found. Womentorz invests thousands of dollars to provide national advertising and PR campaigns specifically to promote your product. You have worked hard to bring your invention to life. Let us get your product the exposure it deserves!

Their motto is Brainz. Broadz. Big Ideaz!  Cute isn't it?  Women are a marketable force not just because there are more of us but what average person has to work for a living and then tend to the kids and the house and everything in between?  The products that are already listed are innovative and new and are created by women!  Watch Womentorz grow as that's the only direction they will go so if you have a product you want to try out, check them out.  If you want to support another woman entrepreneur, visit them and see what they have.

I have no vested interest in Womentorz and was not paid for this post.  I believe in this concept of helping women secure success and fully support it!

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