Embracing a Healthy Family: I'm Truly Thankful

I'm Truly Thankful

Not only am I mother to five (two step children in Texas), I work full time from home.  I am a telecommuter and although telecommuting affords many advantages, it also provides disadvantages.  I have to be able to shut down from the house to focus on work and I have to be able to shut down work to focus on the house.  It's a delicate balance to maintain and perceptions of others adds to the burden.  My husband feels I have an advantage as I don't have to commute to an office so he feels that I do have the "extra" time to tend to chores, the kids and the numerous household requirements from service people.

Working from home is trying especially when you have an ADD mind (self-diagnosed).  I'm all over the place with all the grand things I want to do from being a great mother, a great wife, a great daughter, a great sister and so forth, it's hard. 

It's a daunting tasks to say the least with little recognized appreciation.  At least that is what I thought until I stopped and looked at my two younger girls dancing to Single Ladies by Beyonce.  Watching them play nicely, laughing from the belly or telling me how much they love me makes it all worth it.  I realized that everything I do is truly for them and for this year at Thanksgiving, I am sticking to my Lenox and TwitterMoms posting of a new Thanksgiving tradition of going round table on what are you thankful for with a picture added and bound in a memory book.  I want to pass these down to the girls so they can build on this and treasure our memories.  The idea will be adopted every year which next year will be even more special as my husband will be in Kuwait. 

What will you do or do you do to make Thanksgiving special?

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