Embracing a Healthy Family: Need Creative Help for Christmas Presents, Pictures, Cards & Gifts?

Need Creative Help for Christmas Presents, Pictures, Cards & Gifts?

I have posted about picnik.com before but in preparation for Christmas, they have added all the great Christmas features of costumes, jolly red nose, hats, fancy text, ornaments and other objects and so much more.  You can make slide shows for creative displays of your work.  The great thing about picnik.com is membership is free for the basic plan but with all the great bells and whistles, you pay yearly but it's inexpensive for what you get.  The photo features are amazing and it's comparable to those expensive photo shop programs you buy for hundreds of dollars.  In fact, I prefer the auto-fix and manual fix option out of all the other programs I have. 

There is just so much you can do to be creative without having to be Martha Stewart.  It's so easy too!  It's mostly click and approve and if you make a mistake, click undue and it's that easy!

Here is an example of drop and add gift cards.  You can save everything you create to your computer, add it to blogger, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, MySpace and more!  You can even print gifts straight from the site.

You can create cards from here and collages.  If you have a photo special somewhere else, not a problem.  Since it downloads, you can choose the size to make it larger for better quality once you upload it into another site's printing specials.  I created cards here and had them printed.

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