Embracing a Healthy Family: SeeHerebyFuji Photo Greeting Card Review

SeeHerebyFuji Photo Greeting Card Review

Thanks to Freebies4Mom, I was able to get 50 personally designed beautiful Christmas cards from Fuji for FREE to include FAST shipping!  That's a great deal so thanks to Freebies4Mom for the code and alert (freebies4mom-1109) at SeeHerebyFuji.  That was a $39.50 savings before shipping!  This expires November 30!

I just received my 50 free cards after just ordering them on Sunday night.  Totally FREE!  The print paper is a little flimsy and I would have preferred a heavier weight paper for both the photo card and envelopes but the quality of the image is excellent.  For FREE, you can beat that!  Even for those that need to watch their budgets and had to pay full price, it's still an excellent deal.  Last year, I made my cards at Zazzle and although the quality if of higher quality for the paper, the images were comparable at a fraction of the cost if I had to pay full price.

I'll probably retry it as I'm a perfectionist (usually) and will try my hand with professionally taken portraits (I took these) and my Zazzle account.

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