Embracing a Healthy Family: What is your Black Friday Plan of Attack this Year?

What is your Black Friday Plan of Attack this Year?

http://www.target.com/Good ol' Black Friday!  It's not for the faint at heart and in fact, you really have to have this set up a year in advance.  It takes intense training, researching each and every sale and store and a plan of action.  For some, January 1st is the usual 'get in shape' time of the year but for the serious Black Friday patrons, like me, they use this time to start pumping iron and running hours to get geared up to hit all the stores and get all the sales.  As soon as the Black Sale ads start leaking out on the internet, we get our spreadsheets and notebooks out plotting out the carefully laid plan on the hit day.  It takes months and months of preparation but it pays off.  Okay, I don't really do all of that to prepare for Black Friday but I do watch the leaks pouring out on various outlets on the internet and I make sure I have the latest advertisments.

Target and TwitterMoms came up with this great blogging contest on What is your Black Friday plan of attack this year and you can sign up to participate too by clicking here for the TwitterMoms discussion page.

What I plan to do this year is get to bed by 9 pm because you have to be full of energy to endure the crowds!  I enlist my oldest as she's my shopping assistant on what is cool and what is not and she helps me figure out what is the main objective after we peruse through the numerous specials.  We then pick out the top five items and decide what our chances are of securing them in a logical order and we do map out where we are going to go to have the most success.  We get up before the sun even breaks daylight pending on which sale we are going to go to and arrive at the store EARLY!  If we want more than one item, we will break out and target those areas. 

Once we are either worn out, completed or dejected, we will stop and eat and savor our victories while enjoying a big fat steak!


*photo courtesy of 10e20.com

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