Embracing a Healthy Family: Boz! The Green Bear Next Door Updated Review

Boz! The Green Bear Next Door Updated Review

There's a new kind of preschool program: BOZ! BOZ, the green bear next door, loves exploring God's world and discovering exciting new things with his friends Drew and Gracie, their family, and all their friends in the neighborhood.  Thanks to MomSelect, I received two full-length BOZ DVDs:

Bananas, Bubbles and Busy Bodies also came with a free toothbrush and my two year old LOVES it!  Boz and his friends, Drew and Gracie, provided entertaining fun that educated with exploring the world of God. 

BOZ, Drew and Gracie discover:
  • God helps us grow stronger as we play with our friends
  • That when we’re hungry for a tasty treat, God’s fruits and veggies are great to eat
  • Getting everything squeaky clean — including ourselves — is lots of fun!
Click HERE for a free peek at the trailer.

A WowieBOZowee Christmas has fun sing along carols, a special retelling of the Christmas story and a great lesson that the best presents are not store bought but come from the heart.  It lasts 45 minutes which is perfect time for this wandering minds but there is enough action to keep them wanting more.  It even has bonus material that includes Boz's Christmas Around the World, Let's Go Caroling with Boz and Boz's Build Your Own Snowman game.  I was surprised as I didn't think my girls would sit and watch both DVDs back to back but they did.  There was laughing and participation with no fighting!  You can click HERE for your own sneak peek.

Both titles included song-filled stories, music videos, and lots of bonus activities designed to entertain, educate, and inspire preschoolers.  Both my children, ages 2 and 6, really enjoyed the videos. I even caught both of them dancing but of course when I grabbed the camera, they stopped as I wanted to capture a video for this post. 

Right now, you can get a free Start Singing with Boz DVD when you purchase one of the selected DVDs available HERE.  There is also free shipping on all orders over $30 within the 48 contiguous United States.

There are great family fun activities HERE to introduce or expand their knowledge about God.  My children loves these activities as they can color and I can sneak in teaching without them realizing it.

The entire collection is a great resource for your children and teaching them all about God.  The products range from DVDs, music CDs, books, toys and more.  My girls really did love the DVDs much to my surprise since they are pretty rigid with the shows they like.  It was entertaining and promoted activity as they were up dancing and singing.  I highly recommend this to parents with preschool children.

Updated:  My two kids, 2 and 6, still LOVE Boz!  Everytime it's on, they start rocking with the music, they watch it intently and thoroughly enjoy it.  It's a great series that teaches good things that include God.

Disclaimer:  I was provided the two DVDs noted in the review by MomSelect.  I provided my honest opinions and was not financially compensated for those opinions or this post. 

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