Embracing a Healthy Family: Hershey Bar Wrapper Ideas & Green Toy Gift Idea

Hershey Bar Wrapper Ideas & Green Toy Gift Idea

Here are a couple of things I made this morning.  Granted Hershey wrappers are not new but I did make a variation to make little S'mores kits.  I wanted an idea to jazz up a child's cooking toy such as the one I'm giving away from Green Toys.  The Chef Set is a perfect set to add a S'mores kit.  All I did was create a wrapper from Microsoft by measuring the paper.  I added clipart from Picnik.com and then wrapped the Hershey bars in black shiny paper to hide the wrapper.  I placed the graham crackers and marshmellows in their own bags and used double sticky tape to hold everything together to include the wrapper.  I grabbed a scrap piece of ribbon from last year and secured it together with a plastic star ornament.  I'll end up using plastic wrap or tape to secure in the pan as shown to withstand wrapping.

Interested in winning your own Green Toy Chef Set, click HERE.

Need more information on how to make your own S'more's kit or Hershey Bar wrappers, send me an e-mail at staying_younger@yahoo.com

If you want to save your printer ink, you can use stickers instead.  Either way, they look nice and you can personalize however you want.

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