Embracing a Healthy Family: Making My Own Photo Christmas Cards & Stamps

Making My Own Photo Christmas Cards & Stamps

Even though I liked my cards from Seehere, I wanted a card not a postcard.  I didn't like the flimsy paper and prefer a heavier cardstock.   The above cards are what I made from my photos.  Taking the photos took a couple of different efforts and it was not easy but I'm happy with the outcome.   I created these from my Zazzle account.  After making my ornaments from CafePress today, I need to explore card making there too!

I also bought matching stamps but used Picnik.com to turn the girls into reindeers and I added a fun border.  I should get paid for Picnik as I am always praising them!

I used my Stampin' Up stamp to add the little Christmas saying on the side and Christmas tree stickers from Target to seal the back.

Now I have to address all of them and determine if we will send a stack to my husband's soldiers as that will be a task!

Merry Early Christmas!

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