Embracing a Healthy Family: Review of Customized Christmas Ornaments from CafePress: Easy & Affordable

Review of Customized Christmas Ornaments from CafePress: Easy & Affordable

Need a quick, easy yet wonderful personalized idea for Christmas?  CafePress has a great feature for creating personalized ornaments that takes under five minutes to create and purchase.  Okay, it takes longer when you have to choose among the many templates available or you can just have a picture without any features.  I make it a tradition to select ornaments each year to make the year special and to provide my girls with a sending off when they are old enough to have their own tree once they move out.  I'm really picky and although I cannot comment on the quality of the product, I wanted to get this post out there since time is ticking and Christmas will be here before we know it.  The earlier you buy, the cheaper the shipping.

I was provided an opportunity by Amy at BSMMedia and CafePress to review the ornaments.  I jumped at the chance as I do have a CafePress account so I am familar with the quality of products and have used them to create some of my husband's going away or coming home parties post a deployment.  What sets CafePress apart from other businesses is the volume of unique items you can create.  Whether it's a cup, a card, a shirt or even boxer shorts, you can create just about anything.  Of course, I couldn't constraint myself as I purchased an additional ornament and a coffee travel mug.

Within 10 minutes, I uploaded the various photos and selected different templates and shapes as you can choose between circles and ovals. Once you select and adjust your photo, you review and if you like it, put it in your cart.  It was the easist project I have ever created.  One thing to note, you need to ensure your photo is ready to go as there is no editing option other than reducing or increasing the photo's size and you can move it up, down, to the right or to the left. If your photo isn't ready to go, you will need to take the time to perform that action.

I did purchase the travel mug because it was different.  It's ceramic with a stainless steel top that adds a look of elegance to it.  My husband loves these mugs for his commute and I'm sure it will be a favorite for his deployment in May.  The only limitation is you don't have a choice for picture location and you can only add one photo.  I would like to see more options with the photo choices and placements but I still think it looks great.  I cannot comment on the quality yet but as soon as I receive them, I will update the post.  Another plus with CafePress are the shipping charges are much cheaper then Zazzle. 

I didn't purchase the water bottle but I wanted to see how it looks and as you can see with the picture above, that is only a sample of choices available.  There are many templates and photo choices.  Don't forget with CafePress, you can also choose to purchase from the creations of all the other shops that are out there.  There are some really talented people selling their work!

In addition, CafePress has a specific ornament designer they have created for their partner Autism Speaks. Cafepress will give an additional 10% of revenue from these ornament sales to Autism Speaks, dedicated to helping kids with Autism. This is a different designer tool with different templates which can be found at http://www.cafepress.com/designer/ornament/index.aspx?theme=autism.

Click below to start making your own creative, personalized products:

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*Disclaimer:  I received a gift certificate to purchase two ornaments of my choice.  I have not received any financial compensation for this post.  The comments posted here are a reflection of my honest opinions and have not been swayed by the receipt of the $30 gift certificate to purchase the two ornaments.  I did purchase an additional ornament and a travel mug on my own.

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