Embracing a Healthy Family: Somber Yet Good Holidays: Deployment Five Months Away

Somber Yet Good Holidays: Deployment Five Months Away

We're five months away from my husband's deployment to Kuwait for a year.  This makes our holidays sad because we know we'll have to bypass being together next year.  The unfortunate countdown is underway and as the clock ticks down, I can tell it's taking its toll on my husband.,  I guess it wouldn't have been so bad but he just returned from Iraq in August and he was gone for a year in 2005-2006 ...again, Iraq.  That's not even a list of all his deployments as after being in the military for 17 years, you endure many.  He's sad to be missing out on an entire year of our two youngest children as a year is a long time when it comes to early development.  Since we don't have custody of his children, that's a long time to go without seeing them as well.  No matter what though, he believes in what we are doing and that makes it so much easier on me because I do as well. 

Just remember to enjoy your time with your loved one's and remember our men and women who are serving overseas as well as the soon to be 30,000 more! 

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Anonymous said...

I've told you before, Judy, but I will say it again: I have the greatest respect for military families who endure so much. There's not much that can make this scenario easier on any of you...but I hope you know you have lots of support.

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