Embracing a Healthy Family: BzzAgent and Philips Lifeline Review with Coupon

BzzAgent and Philips Lifeline Review with Coupon

BzzAgent's latest campaign that I'm participating in is the Philips Lifeline.  This is an important one to me as I have two elderly parents that I worry about.  My primary concern is my father who, in his 70's, is still active but I always worry about him falling or being alone while my mom is away.  When I signed up for the Phillps Lifeline campaign, I received the special Lifeline Phone with a Timex special watch that has an alert button for help.


The setup was effortless.  All I had to do was follow the easy to read instructions to set up the phone.  Once I set up the phone, I had to hit the panic button to have a representative from Phillips Lifeline call me back.  The representative was very friendly and professional.  He was also patient in ensuring that all the information they had was correct and offered tips and suggestions in ensuring the appropriate help would be sent pending the potential emergency.  He was thorough in the instructions and ensured all my questions were answered.  I was impressed with the level of customer service exhibited by this agent.


Once I provided the phone and watch to my parents, it was again, easy for them to undertand the process.  Luckily, we've not had to utilize the service and you are free to test the service to ensure it's in working order.  My father's only complaint is he wishes the watch had some protective functionality as he's always worried he will set off the button.  I explained to him that the agent said to not worry if that happens.

As of date, I would recommend the service for peace of mind if something happens to where your loved one is alert enough to be able to push the panic button.  The watch is a nice feature in that no matter where they are in the house or yard, they will be able to receive help if needed.

If you would like to learn more, visit Philips here:  http://www.lifelinesys.com/

Trusted by Doctors, Hospitals and Professional Caregivers: Philips Lifeline, the #1 medical alert service, is easy-to-use and designed to reduce the risk of living alone. In the event of a fall or an emergency, help is available at the push of a button. The Lifeline Personal Help Button connects you to a trained Personal Response Associate who can send help quickly - 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
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*Disclaimer:  As a BuzzAgent participant, I received the Philips Lifeline phone and watch system in exchange for my trial period and review.  At the end of the trial offer, I have the option to keep the unit at a cost or I can return the unit.  I was not financially compensated for this review.

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