Embracing a Healthy Family: The House of Tia Crystal: London Born Artist

The House of Tia Crystal: London Born Artist

Tia Crystal Bio

Tia Crystal has literally changed dark days to bright times with just a few strokes of a paint brush. The London-born Tia says she always had that artistic streak in her. It wasn’t a life her family really understood or supported. The mother of three only dipped into that distant but strong feeling a few times in her life working in interior design and cake decoration. Tia’s most trying struggles were with anorexia, bulimia, and battle of her own self worth. At 40 years old it all changed during a simple stroll on a street in Italy.

Tia says she found a paint brush just laying there. She picked it up and excepted the moment as sign to finally pursue her long standing passion … fine art. In just a few years, Tia has completed more than 500 paintings that hang on walls across the continents; she is commissioned for private paintings, and has sold her work to a long list of the world’s elite. Her dramatic use of colors portrays Tia’s exuberance and love of life, a feeling she hopes those who collect her fine art consistently feel. She credits the pursuit of her passion, for turning the tables on her toughest times. Tia believes her life story and work support her philosophy, “art inspires the energy of the soul”.

The House of Tia Crystal

The House of Tia Crystal recently opened in Boca Raton, Florida. The gallery’s main feature is the beautiful and unique paintings of artist Tia Crystal. Also on display are sculptures, jewelry, and clothing from around the world. Tia’s goal is to make sure her gallery is about more than just the fine art. She says The House of Tia Crystal is a spiritual sanctuary and comfortable setting for all. On a daily basis, The House of Tia Crystal hosts art inspired yoga classes, meditation sessions, storytelling through the arts, women’s support groups, and art lessons for children.

For more information visit tiacrystal.com and become a fan on Facebook.

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