Embracing a Healthy Family: Taylor Swift Party Ideas & More Great Personalized Products from HTM Designs

Taylor Swift Party Ideas & More Great Personalized Products from HTM Designs

I'm making a series of party theme ideas focusing on Taylor Swift as there are so many great Etsy and Ebay shops out there that lets you have an effortless party full of great ideas! 

HTM Designs has two shops, one on Ebay and one on Etsy called MyHTMDesigns.  For the Ebay shop, if you are looking for perfect themed products, this is your shop.  You can pick from the following:
  • Large Candy Bar Wrappers
  • Mini Candy Bar Wrappers
  • Seasonal and Holiday Products
  • Kiss Labels
  • Hot Tea & Hot Cocoa Wrappers
  • Water Bottle Label Wrappers
  • Hang Tags & Favor Boxes
  • Girl Scout Products
  • Address Labels
  • Games and Coloring Pages
  • Mint Matchboxes
  • Lollipop Thank You Cards
  • Popcorn Wrappers
  • Bookmarks
  • Advice and Wishes Cards
  • Baby Shower
  • Wedding and Bridal
  • Jimmy Buffett and Parrotheads
  • Religious
  • Sports Stuff
  • Other
Other than Taylor Swift, you can see there are many other themes available but I'm focusing on Taylor only.

This is a set of 24 CUPCAKE TOPPERS. Laser printed on heavy cardstock with the design on both sides. These do not include cupcakes. These are perfect for decorating your own cupcakes for parties, TV night and more. They don't have to be used in cupcakes, also great in appetizers too! An impressive addition to your table!

The photo shows the toppers on a lollipop stick, which I no longer use; I have changed them to be on a plastic pic stick (assorted colors), as they hold up in icing, and the lollipop sticks did not last in the icing.

The Candy Bar Wrappes are a favorite of mine as I really like the picture.  This is nice because the price does include the silver foils to place over the bars of chocolate.  Hershey quit using the silver wrappers some time ago and to make the bars look really nice, you will want to use the foil over them as they look so professional.

This is a set of 12 candy bar wrappers. These wrappers fit standard size Hershey chocolate bars. This does not include the chocolate bars. This is for wrappers only and does include the silver wrapper foils. They come pre-cut and ready to wrap (directions included). Laser printed on glossy paper for a totally professional look. 

This is a unique idea that I never thought of!  Napkin wraps adds to the look of the party especially when coordinated with the theme.  These Taylor Swift themed cutlery napkin wraps are perfect to finish off the look or if you are having an outdoor party, the wind won't carry off your napkins.

This is a set of 24 custom designed napkin/cutlery wrappers. A super addition to compliment your tableware and decorations! Each wrap measures approx. 1.5" x 4.5". Laser printed on heavy cardstock for a totally professional look. Wrappers come pre-cut. Simply wrap around your item and secure with tape or glue stick. So easy! These are can also be used to wrap around party favors and small gifts, too! A sure hit!

Now, game time!  What child doesn't like scratch off games?  This is a great party idea to jazz up the celebration.

This is a set of 20 scratch-off game cards. The cards read; 'Do you have Taylor's guitar?' Scratch off the 'silver scratch pad' to see if you find the guitar. There is one winner per pack. The remaining loser cards have Joe Jonas saying 'loser'! The winning card is always the first one in the pack. These are perfect for parties, sleepovers, goodie bags and more. Play for fun, or reward the winner with a prize (not included).  

Now if you don't like the idea of having "loser" cards, you can always have inexpensive party favors to hand out to the non-winners.

This is just a sampling of what is available at HTM Designs so the next time you are planning a party and want to do it inexpensively, visit the Ebay shop!

Go to MyHTMDesigns on Etsy for more great personalized products!  Just look at these great Where the Wild Things Are bookmarks:

New:  Get your personalized Valentine's Day Lollipop card holders!

Just contact HRM Designs for special requests!

*I was not compensated for this post or my opinions.

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