Embracing a Healthy Family: Weigh In Wednesday

Weigh In Wednesday

Happy Birthday, Colleen!!!

My weigh in Wednesday is just as dismal but not bad as I didn't gain nor lose!  I ate a lunch in honor of Colleen that will make me have to work out many many hours!  I'll do better tomorrow Red Team!

I've been using the EA Active four to five times a week as well as riding my bike.  I have to kick it up a notch and bring it.

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Paula said...

At least you didn't gain!! Good luck for the week to come!

Paula from the Purple Team

Colleen said...

You can do it Judy...and thanks for the bday wishes! Glad you are enjoying the active!

Lauren said...

All that means is next week you'll have a good - number! :D At least it wasn't a plus!!

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