Embracing a Healthy Family: Colts Lost but I Won Dockers!

Colts Lost but I Won Dockers!

If you watched the Super Bowl, it was an odd experience with the commercials as I've never seen so many commercials with men in their underwear!  Usually, they exploit a ton of women and make us endure seeing size 0 models with size D chests bulging out. Even GoDaddy toned it down a tad.  I have to say there is no point to their commercials and I would never use GoDaddy just because of their commercials.

Anyway, isn't it interesting that commercials depicting men are typically of non-stud types while ads with women are hot?  It's just something I observed and haven't been able to figure out as if there are more women in the world, where are all the ads with the Gerard Butler, Tom Brady and George Clooney types?

Anyway, I digressed a bit and just wanted to note that Dockers had the man without pants ad that followed I think it was Career Builder's ad with people, mostly men, wearing no pants.  If you were one of the first to enter, you received an e-mail today notifying you to pick your size in Dockers.

We won!  My husband will get a nice new pair of Dockers to take with him to Kuwait!  Perfect color for the desert too and they match those cute desert combat boots...he'll be a fashionista in the desert ...grrrrrrr

Thanks, Dockers!

p.s. I have nothing to say about the Colts losing other than I still love Peyton!

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Tiffany said...

Well it's nice to know that Dockers actually followed through on the promise of free pants, lol. And the whole thing about the Colts---WHO DAT, lol. Also I hope your husband has a safe time in Kuwait.


Judy Joyce said...

Ahh...they're killing me with the "who dat!" but you made me laugh! I can't cope with the Colts loss to the Saints ... not really but I'm in denial. Thank you so much, Tiffany!

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