Embracing a Healthy Family: Guest Blogger: Fashion As You Age

Guest Blogger: Fashion As You Age

Sandy at Diviine Modestee has provided a guest post blog on dressing appropriately as you age.  I liked this topic as the media (aka Hollywood) keeps bombarding us with these images of women in the 40s and older dressing as if they are still in their late teens or early 20's.  I feel that every person should dress age appropriately regardless of how great your body may look.  There is just something classy and timeless about a 50 year old woman who dresses modest yet elegant versus letting it all hang out. 

Thanks Sandy for the article and advice!

No woman wants to look old and frumpy, no matter what her age. So what’s a woman to do who has counted quite a few years behind her? Sometimes it seems like there are only two choices in fashion styles for this older set: Frumpish and Outdated or Trendy Whippersnapper. Shopping for the 50+ set can be daunting when it seems all the choices are one extreme or the other. But with a few simple tips and suggestions the mature woman can cultivate a style all her own, appropriate for her, yet contemporary, current and yes…even youthful.
  • First of all, be confident. A woman with confidence radiates whether she is wearing knee-hi nylons with a housedress or not.
  • Know your body type and dress to compliment and camouflage. Show off shoulders and legs…they are the last to show age. Turn collars up or select stand-up collars to hide the neck and bring focus to the face.
  • Adapt fashion trends to suit you. One suggestion is to purchase highly trendy fashion items in black, which adds sophistication. 
  •  Don’t wear the most extreme versions of a fashion trend. For example, the Gladiator Sandal...

The Gladiator on the left is a perfect example of extreme fashion and should be left to teenagers and Hollywood Elite. The Gladiators on the right however are the perfect version of this trend and can be worn by the young and older alike.
  • Don’t get stuck in the style that worked for you when you were 20. Charles Augustin Sainte-Beuve said: “There are people whose watch stops at a certain hour and who remain permanently in that age.” Don’t let the same thing happen to your wardrobe! Even though those styles looked great on you back in the day, they will only date you now. Make sure to purchase and wear one “with it” item (or more) each season. Look at magazines and online to see what celebrities your age are wearing.
  • Wear color over neutrals. Especially stay away from beige, gray and dark blue. Those colors will tend to make you look drab.
  • Comfort IS important but when your wardrobe screams “Comfort!” over “Fab style!” you are doing something wrong. While your days of “Beauty hurts” may be over, select clothing items that are BOTH comfortable and fashionable. It is possible!
  • Wear a classic look updated in stylish patterns and colors. A wrap dress is a classic that has been around for a long time, is still fashionable and compliments all figures. Instead of a neutral colored or plain wrap dress go for a fantastic pattern such as this dress from http://www.diviinemodestee.com:

While this model shown is fairly young, this classic Wrap-style dress compliments all figures. It creates a shaped waist, yet draws the eye upward and its fun color and pattern add youthfulness.

While age is something that occurs to all try to not let your wardrobe look old. I personally like Oliver Wendell Holmes’ take on aging: “Old age is fifteen years older than I am”. Strive to make your wardrobe reflect your youthful inner-age and keep from making you look fifteen years older than you are. Master this art and your age will be an enigma not a stigma.

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Tiffany said...

Great advice. I am only 30 but my sisters are always threatening to put me on, "What Not Wear" because they hate my choice in clothing. I have retired my micro mini skirt and opt only for the mini for an apporpriate time which are fleeting. Great guest blog.


Judy Joyce said...

Oh no ...you are 30 and can still pull it off ...saw your pic and you are a hot momma :) & you are a fellow chocolate lover!

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