Embracing a Healthy Family: Holey Donuts February Review & Giveaway 2/28

Holey Donuts February Review & Giveaway 2/28

Have you heard of Holey Donuts?  If you are on the blogosphere, you probably have!  They are a healthy way to enjoy what is normally little packed full sin pills of greatness for your taste buds but bad for your butt!  

The Review:

I received complimentary samples of Holey Donuts and was skeptical on how good donuts frozen and received in the mail could be good?  I was so wrong!

I received the Sampler Favorite B, Jumbo Reduced Fat Cinnamon Buns (Assortment #7) and Reduced Fat Vanilla Frosted Boston Cream (Assortment #17).

My favorites were the Jumbo Cinnamon Buns and the Vanilla Frosted Boston Cream donuts.  Both were tender, moist and amazingly good.  I can't seem to find a good Boston Cream donut where I live so this was such a treat!  The amount of filling was just right whereas some Boston Cream donuts are skimpy with the cream but these were perfect.  The Cinnamon Buns were flaky, tasty, moist and very good.  After they thawed out, I warmed them in the microwave and it was heavenly!

My children loved the ones with sprinkles and chocolate chips.  They wanted more so I guess I'll have to buy some!

The shipping method allowed my donuts to arrive still frozen as they were meant to be.  The cooler is great in that it can be reused for bringing back something that needs to be kept cold or in the case of my husband, for fishing.

Holey Donuts offers a huge selection of donuts to appeal to any taste.  They are fresh, soft and aren't missing the taste of being reduced fat.  If you are a donut lover, you have to try these as they help to remove some of the guilt while leaving all of the pleasure!

The Giveaway:

In this round of giveaways, Holey Donuts is giving away a PRIZE PACK to one lucky reader!  Sound good?

The February Love Assortment consists of 4 boxes of their latest, best selling, super yummy Holey Donuts! Low Fat Treats and $250 Holey Donuts! store credit good for 1 year. 

It's easy to enter:

Go to http://www.holeydonuts.net/ and click on the "contact us" link. 
Enter YouthfulTips.blogspot.com in the subject line
Enter your name and email address and you are done!
Please only enter once and don't forget to sign up for their newsletter!

BONUS:  If you submit your information via the entry requirements and enter my blog name, you can have five bonus entries to any and all of my on-going giveaways!

A little about Holey Donut:

Did you know the average donut has 15-20 grams of fat and as much as 480 calories?

Our patented cooking process avoids deep frying, creating a light, fluffy donut with as little as 3-4 grams of fat and 150-250 calories. You'd actually have to eat 4 of our full-sized, delicious donuts to get the amount of fat in just one traditional donut. What's more amazing is that we do not use any artificial sweeteners or fat substitutes to make our great tasting donuts. Unlike other "lite" or low fat foods, nothing about these donuts tastes low fat.

Our donuts are hand-made, flash frozen and delivered via express mail to arrive at your door, picture perfect and delicious! Keep in your freezer for a great low fat and low calorie treat anytime!

Free shipping today, February 23, 2010!
  • Order any 3 to 5 assortments of our award winning low fat donuts,100 calorie cinnamon bun middles or great tasting low fat donut holes and get FREE SHIPPING TODAY!
  • Then in the coupon code box enter code FRSH hit recalculate and enjoy the savings!

*Disclaimer:  I received complimentary Holey Donuts to try from the sponsor.  The opinions reflected in my post are my own and no other form of compensation was provided.

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I entered on their web site and mentioned your blog. My family loves donuts! I signed up for their newsletter, also. Thank you.

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