Embracing a Healthy Family: Natural Fever Reducing Remedies

Natural Fever Reducing Remedies

Unfortunately, I'm sitting along side my now two year old who has a fever, a headache and is vomiting.  My six year old gave it to her and thankfully she's better.  I worry more about the two year given her immune and allergy issues.  She won't take tylenol or motrin and immediately vomits so I remember watching the remake of Little Women when Marmie is sent back home to take care of Beth.  Can you tell that I've watched it a time or two or three or more?  I watch it a lot to help with the historical novel I'm writing.  Anyway, Marmie has Jo get water, vinegar and some cloths to draw the fever to her feet. 

Since Dani does not tolerate fever reducing medications and never has, I decided to Google natural remedies for reducing fevers and there it was, vinegar, water and cloth.  Much to my surprise, I found another one that had many tried and true comments from others stating soaking egg whites in cloth and wrapping them on feet with covered socks is an immediate treatment to lower a fever.

I've always known fevers are good to a point because it's the body's natural defense against these nasty invaders but any mom knows how frightening fevers can be.  I tried the vinegar and it doesn't smell too terribly great but she let me use it on her.  Her fever, so far, has reduced a tad.  It can be repeated every two hours.  Another remedy is chopping onions and mixing it with vinegar and placing it on the soles of feet with socks covering them.  I don't have egg whites so I'm going to give the onions a shot if the fever doesn't break or elevates.

If anyone has any other old remedies or wives tales, feel free to share! 

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