Embracing a Healthy Family: Anyone Know of Any Unique, Adorable Easter Gifts?

Anyone Know of Any Unique, Adorable Easter Gifts?

I'm trying to make this Easter extra special since my husband will either be deploying to Kuwait for a year at the end of April or the very first of May.  Given that, I'm busy looking for that one of a kind, unique gift to give to the younger girls.  I figured I would read out to the bloggers for any ideas or suggestions!

Any and all would be greatly appreciated!  Either leave a comment or contact me via staying_younger@yahoo.com.


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Tiffany said...

You can make rabbit baskets. I made them for each of my boys one year and they loved them till they aged out of Easter baskets all together.


Judy Joyce said...

Rabbit baskets? Real rabbits or stuffed animals? I'm having a blonde moment and I really, really want and need chocolate!

Luigi | UPrinting said...

I'm thinking of a gift basket also full of Easter eggs and inside the eggs are notes. That would really be sweet. It can be notes or any stuff that would make each egg a surprise. What do you think?

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