Embracing a Healthy Family: Build-A-Bear Workshop Graduation Gift Idea & Review

Build-A-Bear Workshop Graduation Gift Idea & Review

Spring is coming and with that comes summer and GRADUATIONS!  Graduations are so exciting as it marks the new journey into a new chapter of life.  Whether it's graduating from kindergarten, fifth grade, high school or college, it's a unique memorable moment that should be treasured and embraced.  As someone who loves to give gifts, I always hunt for the perfect gift and if I can personalize, even better!

My niece is graduating this year so when I was asked to review a graduation Build-A-Bear bear, I jumped as who wouldn't love to review a Build-A-Bear animal?  I cannot tell you how many we have and I love the holidays as it gives me a reason to "have" to buy more!

If you are unfamiliar with Build-A-Bear's graduation line, they have many options to choose from.  They just might have your mascot and if not, you can choose the ever so faithful, cute and cuddly Lil' Chocolate Cub or Curly Teddy.   The choices are plenty as you can choose the Gator, Owl, Tiger or Longhorn if you prefer.

If you noticed in the picture above, my niece received a personalize gown that had her full name, the name of her high school and 2010.  Embroidery personaliztion only costs $8 more and adds such a wonderful touch for a memorable keepsake.

Other options available include adding sound.  For example to show just some available:
  • Roar sound
  • Giggle sound
  • I love you sound
  • Monkey sound
  • Meow sound
  • Pomp & Circumstance sound
  • Brittaney & the Chipettes' Single Lady sound
  • Leave it All to Me iCarly sound
You can purchase these all online or go to the store.  If you purchase online, there is an option to hear each sound before you decide.

Each Build-A-Bear Workshop Graduation animal comes complete with gown, pants, shirt, dress loafers, hat with tassel and diploma.

The Review:
I wasn't able to give the adorable bear to my niece yet as it's not time!  As is always the case with Build-A-Bear, it's cute, plush and made of high quality material.  The little gown is authentic and looks just like the real thing.  I think the embroidery is such a great choice to add that special touch in terms of finding the perfect gift that shows you put in extra effort in recognizing their special day.  The black loafers are adorable with real laces and little Built-A-Bear labels sticking out the back.  The tassels provided were of multiple colors to allow the gift giver or receiver to choose their own color.

As a frequent buyer of Build-A-Bear, this bear stood up to what I expect from them.  High quality, adorable and different in terms of giving a gift for graduation.  I loved the idea of choosing among the different graduation animals or the ability to purchase your own choice and suit it with the cap and gown.  It's very versatile and a great gift idea.

The receipt of the Graduation Bear was done online and it turned out even better than I expected.  To me, this shows that although it's fun to create the bears in the store for the little one's, you can still count on the same quality and committment online.

I would recommend the graduation line at Build-A-Bear Workshop for any of your graduates.

* Disclosure:  this bear was provided to me at no charge by Build-A-Bear Workshop.  The opinions expressed in this review are of my own and no financial compensation was received.

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