Embracing a Healthy Family: ERGOBaby Carrier and Infant Insert Review

ERGOBaby Carrier and Infant Insert Review

Ergo Baby Carrier Black with Camel Lining

ERGO baby carriers  provides products to make babywearing safe and comfortable.  Juggling a newborn or infant is difficult especially when you are alone running errands.  When you place a baby in a car seat, it's an extra bundle to cart around and it gives your back a workout not to mention your arms and legs.  An ERGO baby carriers allows hands free mobility while ensuring safety.

Karin Frost, creator of ERGO baby carriers, desired a way to keep her baby near her.  Her intention was to create a product that would promote and enhance a parent's ability to safely and comfortably keep their babies as close as possible to them.  After eight years of research and good sound mothering experience, ERGO baby carriers was born.


ERGO baby carriers stands behind it's safety claim by their rigorous safety testing that has been conducted and certified by by the European testing agency TÜV since 2008, and by the Juvenile Products Manufactures Association (JPMA), according to the American Standards for Testing Materials (ASTM), since 2008, and, most recently, has met all the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Information Act) standards mandated by Congress in 2008.


To further back their product, they have links for endorsements, certifications, recognitions, research and safety.


The Original ERGO baby carriers come in a variety of colors to best suit your personal tastes.

Organic options are also available for those parents that prefer the green way to go.  Ranging from the baby carrier to the infant support cushion to backpacks and pouches.  


ERGOBaby offers many accessories as well to help ranging from changing pads, sucking pads, weather covers and waist extensions, replacement straps and hood replacements.  They are your one stop shop for baby comfort carrying!

The Review:

The Organic Twill Cranberry baby carrier and the Organic Infant Insert in Blush Beige were reviewed.  The mill that makes the organic fabric was organically certified in 1996.  Owner and designer, Karen Frost, created the organic line to ensure an eco-friendly alternative was offered to her customers.  Organic cotton is grown without all the pesticides and other controls used to ward of pests and control the soil conditions. It's a safe alternative in ensuing the product against your baby's skin is safe.

The Organic Twill Baby Carrier Features:

  • 100% organic cotton twill with 100% organic cotton sataan lining and hood.
  • 100% cotton batting in body of carrier to soften edges against the delicate skin of newborns/infants.
  • One inch, high density foam in the shoulder straps helps to soften the weight.  Even tiny babies can hurt after carrying them for awhile.  The soft straps helped to offset the weight and I had no pain after wearing it for an hour.
  • Quarter inch high density neoprene  foam in waste belt.  As you can see in the picture, the waste belt is wide and allows for continuous full support.  This extra protection offered comfort and a greater sense of security of not feeling like th baby was going to fall out.
  • High quality buckles tested by SGS.  The buckles were thick and felt sturdy.  Due to the size, it would be impossible to hit something and accidentally release the straps.
  • The waist circumferences fits from 25" to 43" so it's versatile for many body sizes.
  • Fits from 5' to 6.5' body height with adjustable shoulder and chest straps.  This fit my daughter, pictures, who is 5'3 and her fiance who is 6'1.
  • The sleeping hood is a smart and wonderful feature that protects and shields the baby.  It adjusts in length to accommodate the little one's growing needs.
  • Reinforced stitching is used at all fabric intersections thus increasing your assurance from a safety perspective.
  • It's durable and has been strength tested up to 90 lbs.  We tried to put the almost three year old in to see how it felt but she wasn't a "baby" anymore she said.
  • It's machine washable which is EXCELLENT!  Baby spit ups are the worse and having fabric that can be easily washed is a must have.

The color is absolutely perfect for either gender to wear.  It's smart, it's fashionable and it's organic!  All of the features above makes it a must have for any new mom and dad especially if they plan on moving around a lot or just don't want to be far away from their little one. It also grows with the child and can be worn on the back as well.
The testing offered me extra assurance in the safety department and the reinforced stitching, interior rip stop reinforcements at critical intersections and large buckles provides the finishes touches of noting this as a "buy!"

ERGOBaby Organic Infant Insert:

The ERGOBaby Organic Infant Insert is for use with newborns up to 4-5 months of age and is placed in the ERGOBaby Carrier.  It is also 100% organic cotton fabric with 100% organic cotton filling and arrives prewashed and ready to go!  It is machine washable again adding to the convenience.

The design encourages healthy maturation of the spine by supporting the pelvis, hip joint and leg position rather than putting a baby in a compromising sitting position before the spine is ready. It also supports the safety of the baby's head and neck during the critical stage of development.

It's very soft and smooth and is a great addition to ensure safety and comfort for the little one's.  The adjustable feature is also beneficial in providing security and comfort.

I also would recommend this for the first few months until the baby has picked up weight. 

Purchase ERGO baby carriers here

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Lori Anderson said...

What an amazing carrier. I love that it's organic too! I carried my son in a sling all the time until he could walk. It's such a special time. Great blog, I found you through BlogFrog and look forward to seeing you around the community.
All the Best,
Lori (theBlogFrog)

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