Embracing a Healthy Family: Hollywood Tans: Tan for Free March 6th

Hollywood Tans: Tan for Free March 6th

Most, if not all of us, won't be attending the Oscars or marching down the red carpet but that doesn't mean we can't get dolled up and pampered.  I'm a tanner and I admit it!  I've been tanning for many years on and off and I use tanning beds in spite of the health claims made.  I feel better with a little color as I'm lily white and tanning just feels good. I don't get a fake ultra brown tan but I get enough where it feels good and some even say it's good during the winter months.  If you aren't into the tanning bed tan, Hollywood Tans even offers Mystic Spray On Tans at some of their facilities.

On Saturday, March 6th, Hollywood Tans* will be giving away free tans to include Mystic spray on tans.  Click here to find a Hollywood Tans near you.  Already have a membership or thinking of buyingone, Hollywood Tans is offering free upgrades to celebrate the rest of March.  Many A-Listers get their tans at Hollywood Tans so if image is important to you and you want to feel like a celebrity, stop by!

Visit Hollywood Tan on Facebook and keep up to date on the latest specials and news or online here.

Hollywood Tan Facts:
  • Over 250 salons nationwide (and still growing)
  • Virtually no waiting
  • No appointment needed
  • HT-manufactured proprietary booths
  • High-performance bulbs for fast results
  • Vertical tanning system – for the fastest and most sanitary way to tan
  • Stay cool and comfortable while you tan
  • Tanatics - part science, part technology and part art. It starts with understanding your skin tone, sensitivity to sun and tanning goals. It utilizes an advanced array of tanning options — including a variety of booth and bulb intensities and the simplest, most advanced spray tan system available. And it incorporates exclusive lotions that help you build and maintain a perfect, healthy looking tone.
* Free tans and special offers available at participating locations only.

**Information provided by American Pop Digital - I was not compensated for this post.

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