Embracing a Healthy Family: I've Been Featured at Six Feet Under!

I've Been Featured at Six Feet Under!

Tess over at Six Feet Under featured me on her Words With a Blogger Wednesday!  I'm so honored and excited to be featured at this great site!  If you haven't had a chance to check out Six Feet Under,  you should.  Tess is a mom, wife, photographer, writer and like most of us, a super woman!

If you want to be featured, just go on over to Six Feet Under and leave a comment!

Thanks Tess!

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Aileen said...

Very interesting to read about the person behind Health, Beauty, and Family. Bloggers spread joy everyday with giveaways and posts. I certainly enjoy reading blogs and they brighten my day everyday.

arobimom at gmail dot com..Yikes! Your husband's deployment to Kuwait is coming up soon.

Judy Joyce said...

I could tell you endless stories about me! Lots to tell, lots of traveling to Europe & more. I'll have to make that into segments!

Yes, real soon! He found out he should leave around April 28th to be there no later than May 7th. It sounds like a somewhat cushy site which helps a bit. He's more worried the two year old will forget who he is by the time he returns :(

Thanks for reading by blog, commenting and entering all the giveaways! You are a gem!

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