Embracing a Healthy Family: My Twitter ReTweet Win: Cutie Pa Tutus

My Twitter ReTweet Win: Cutie Pa Tutus

A few week's ago or so ago, I was retweeting my giveaways, others giveaways and tweeting out two of my favorite online, women-owned stores:  Adorable Baby Clothing and Ficklets.  Ros at Ficklets was retweeting about a giveaway if Cutie Pa Tutus achieved a certain number of followers.  I followed because Ros said so!  Long story short, I won!!!  My gorgeous two year old won a custom made Tutu! 

It was an adorable Valentine's Day tutu but I noted how I should have ordered a Colts colored one as no matter what, I love my Colts.  That's when Cutie Pa Tutu offered to make it sports tutu in the blue and white colors!  Isn't that nice?

Not only is Cutie Pa Tutus a cute name but they have cute tutus premade, one's you can custom make, matching poofy pom pom wands and great looking play capes.

The story of Cutie Pa Tutus is inspiring as it's a mom who needed a tutu for her daughter's first princess party.  Amanda, owner, found the market was really good in SC and expanded her brilliant idea in starting her own business.
Cutie Pa Tutus isn't just for girls!  There are personalized super hero capes and masks.  You can choose red, hot pink or royal blue.  What kid wouldn't love this?  I think it's a great idea and never even thought about making super hero capes!

Just when you think there could not be more, Cutie Pa Tutu also has personalized super hero boxers, personalized super hero boxers and onesie combos, persoanlized onesies and personalized super hero t-shirts.

Don't forget to check out the Me and My Doll Matching Tutus, Pa Tutu Pals, and Pooch Pa Tutu.

Thank you for the adorable tutu that my little one loves!  I'll be posting a photo of her soon!

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