Embracing a Healthy Family: New Flirty Aprons Contest Ends March 28

New Flirty Aprons Contest Ends March 28

Who doesn't just love the new interest in aprons?  They really are practical as I can't count the times I have ruined my clothes cooking and wished I had an apron.  They are also pretty with the wide assortment you can choose from for the entire family!

Flirty Aprons is offering another contest!  All you have to do is:
  1. Go to thier website and look at the resource section located at the bottom of the page 
  2. Submit a paragraph or two that could be used in our new resource section titled "Christmas Gift"! The best/longest submission will receive a FREE APRON and the runners up will receive 50% and 25% off......respectively. 
  3. All submissions should be sent to mail@flirtyaprons.com
Hurry as the contest ends March 28th!

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