Embracing a Healthy Family: Publix Customers: $10,000 Giveaway & Bonus Box Tops

Publix Customers: $10,000 Giveaway & Bonus Box Tops

I live in the good ol' south and we have Publix.  I never knew what a Publix was until about two year's ago and now my daughter works there.  For my couponing, Publix is a great place to go as everytime I try to use even just a few, I receive a hard time at Walmart so after two weekends in a row of disappointment, I'm sticking with Publix.

Right now and until March 17th, Publix has a $10,000 giveaway where you can enter simply by entering your name and address at http://www.clickcallmail.com/.  There are also coupons and a chance to earn bonus box tops for education if you participate.  If you enter 12, you get 100 bonus box tops!  This is good until May 31, 2010.

Happy Shopping!

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