Embracing a Healthy Family: Making Money From Blogging and the Internet

Making Money From Blogging and the Internet

I've seen other blog entries on making money from blogging so I wanted to provide my summation of what I earn and how you can earn as well.

My Points - This is a great program if you shop online, play games or complete surveys.  You get points for many activities and if you buy online, you really can rack up points fast.  Last December, I had enough to buy $150 in gift cards and I have another $50 card waiting to choose from.

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Swagbucks - Swagbucks is similar to My Points but I mostly use it to conduct my internet searches from.  You would be surprised at how fast the point rack up and you can choose their gifts or gift cards and you can enter giveaways and sweepstakes for me.  Just click the icon above to sign up if you won't have a Swagbucks account yet.

My Coke Rewards - drink a lot of Coke?  Sign up for My Coke Rewards and exchange all those Coke rewards for prizes and gift cards.  If you don't want to exchange them for something for yourself, you can donate them to your school as well.  They are having a special sweepstakes for Disneyland right now.

Zazzle - are you creative?  You can earn great money by creating cards, bumper stickers, shirts and so much more.  I got involved during the political season two year's ago and expanded to making business cards and invitations.  I've made almost $3,000 so far.  It's easy and it's free!

Google Affiliate - If you have a blog, you might as well sign up for ads to get a few extra bucks.  I've not had big success with this one yet as I only have about $15 sitting in the account but eventually it will add up and it might be useful at the right time.


Commission Junction and Sharesale - this is a big one if you can market the retailers correctly.  I've read a lot about utilizing the links especially word links in your attempts at earning money.  It's not all just about the ads you place on your blog as you can see, I have a lot as well as my sponsor ads which I receive nothing for it.  If you are serious about earning some of the affiliate money, try writing posts that showcases something about one of your retailers while using the image html codes as well as word links to add exposure.

WB Word - this is a program that I'm not quite sure about as I've done three campaigns for them and felt the on two of the three, I did everything I was suppose to do and more to promote the Alvin and Chipmunks campaign but according to them, I missed something so I didn't get paid.  On the other campaign I did.  You get $50 to successfully conduct a campaign for them that may involve a blog post, a Facebook post, Twitter and MySpace.  It's really easy as long as you don't miss one thing.  If you don't follow it exactly, you don't get paid.

I'm sure there are other programs and I'll keep adding if I find more.

Stay tuned for my next post which will discuss blogging and finding items to review and giveaway.

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