Embracing a Healthy Family: Mompreneurs: Best of the Best Found on Twitter

Mompreneurs: Best of the Best Found on Twitter

I was tweeting when I thought about all the great mompreneurs I have connected with and wanted to focus this on a few great women who have had the fortitude, the intelligence, the ability to pursue a dream and so much more.  I hope you take a moment to visit these great women's sites and learn a little more about their products:

Chocolate & Pink Butterfly Embellished Taffeta DressCynthia at Adorable Baby Clothing - I did not "meet" Cynthia from Twitter as I was a repeat customer of hers prior to my blogging and tweeting.  Not only is Cynthia one hard working mom but she's also a grandmother to two adorable girls that she also watches while running her wonderful business of clothing for all occasions for children.  Cynthia has expanded since my first purchase and now carries so much more to include toys, gifts and baby shower items.  Cynthia provides the best customer service and is dedicated to her business and her customers.

Whether you need clothing for preemies or older children, she has you covered from formal wear to regular clothes.  The selections are outstanding and the ease of shopping online is my favorite feature.  I am one of those mothers who like to dress the two youngest ones alike in formal pictures and with the great selection at Adorable Baby Clothing, I can do that with such ease.  Shipping is quick and again, Cynthia strives to offer the very best to her customers.

Ros at Ficklets is also another wonderful mompreneur who has put in everything and more into her brilliant idea while raising a special needs child.  Ros created the idea of these adorable, fashionable eyewear charm huggers one night while sitting on her couch.  Her beautiful daughter, Gem, came in wearing her glasses when the idea of giving her a choice in her glasses popped in.  That idea led to this wonderful creation called Ficklets.

If you don't know what Ficklets are, they are inexpensive cute little charms that can be put on the template of your glasses.  Although they are marketed for children, I like some of the other ones and think they would look great on women's glasses too.  There are so many to choose from and due to the costs, your child can have more than one set without breaking the bank.  Ros cares deeply for others and assures she is there for her customers.  She does what it takes to ensure her business succeeds while always keeping her daughter in the forefront.

The ChristinaAmanda from Cutie Pa Tutus is another great mompreneur.  I don't know much about Amanda but do know that I was connected to her through Ros via Twitter.  I won an amazing sports tutu from her just by following her on Twitter.  She was amazing with allowing me to customize the tutu to my choice and it was of such great quality!  My girls fight over who gets to wear it!  Amanda is another example of the mompreneur spirit alive and well!

She started Cutie Pa Tutus in 2008 in Charleston, SC (hello neighbor as I'm in Georgia) out of a need to have a tutu for her daughter.  The rest is history as Cutie Pa Tutus is making a global hit!   She not only carries the most adorable, unique tutus, but she also has these high quality Super Hero Capes and more.  I've seen other advertised tutus and none look as great as the ones from Cutie Pa Tutus.

Texas RhinestonesSheena from Lizzie Lou Shoes is another great example of the mompreneur spirit.  Sheena created her idea and runs her business out of San Antonio, Texas (which is where we might be moving to).  As a proud mom and wife, she manages to be successful in expanding her Lizzie Lou Shoe line and if you haven't seen them, you must!  I won a pair, once again thanks to Ros, from introducing me to a Womentorz event on Twitter.  At first when I saw the price, I was like "no way!"  I have to tell you that these are not your ordinary cheap shoes you can pick up at Walmart or K-mart.  These are of high quality, beautiful and must haves!

My daughter, lucky her, won a pair and I really wished my feet were smaller as they are just too cute.  Sheena is also very customer focuses as are all the women I have featured.  For me, customer service is utmost important and I'm more likely to be a repeat customer if I'm connected to the owner.  Big business do not offer this type of customer service which is why I like the mompreneurs.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you have a moment, check out these great stores as they not only offer high quality products but they offer themselves!  

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Ros said...

Such an honor to be mentioned by a woman I respect & admire. Thank Judy.

lizzieloushoes said...

Thank you Judy for including us on your blog! I love it! If you are moving to SA, you need to call me and we can talk (and meet). Exciting! Thanks again!

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