Embracing a Healthy Family: Our Formal Dresses from Adorable Baby Clothing

Our Formal Dresses from Adorable Baby Clothing

Cynthia at www.adorablebabyclothing.com came through again!  I choose my girl's formal dresses there due to the amazing choices and the ease of finding two various sizes with no effort.  You can click on my PR link to see this past year's Christmas dresses or perform a search for adorable baby clothing to see all my posts.

The lilac dresses have beautiful sash bows in the back and on the side.  There embroidery is so beautiful and some are raised making the quality stand out even more.  The area underneath offers a tulle type petticoat to provide fullness.  They are absolutely gorgeous and are made of such high quality, it's worth the money.  I have all my dresses to date for the girls and plan on handing them down to them for when they have children one day.

I also use Adorable Baby Clothing because the person behind the store is a very wonderful and caring person.  I prefer a company that has a person behind the name.  Cynthia provides expert, caring customer support and if you purchase something from her store, you will see it!

I wasn't aware until just recently, she sells a host of many others items like baby shower favors, gifts, toys and every type of clothing imaginable.

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