Embracing a Healthy Family: Our Troops in Afghanistan

Our Troops in Afghanistan

My dear friend and grandmother to my girls in Australia just sent me this beautiful e-mail in which I wanted to share.  All we ever hear on the biased news are stories of abuse by our soldiers and never a good word.  I'm copying a few of the pictures and text from this e-mail to show the other side ...the side my own repeat deployed husband told me about while on his tours to Afghanistan, Iraq (twice) along with other countries.

Afghan Child Bites Soldier in Self-Defense After Obvious Torture

Soldier Attempts to Eat Afghan Child

Clear Evidence of Forced Labor by Troops

Soldier Caught At "Tickle Torture" to Extract Intelligence

Granted abuses sadly do occur but that is by a few and not the majority.  Our involvement, whether you agree or disagree with our presence, does provide some good but we just don't hear enough about it unfortunately.

Thank you, Annie for sending this and God bless the world's troops who are fighting for a better world.

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Tutus and Tantrumns said...

beautiful photos! I was fortunate enough to visit military bases throughout Iraq in 2005...and this is exactly the types of thing the soldiers/marines told us about and we were able to see first hand from our helicopters transporting us when they came running out of their houses waving and following as far as they could. One thing that has stuck with me was watching the news in the chow hall in Kuwait and the soldier next to me saying...they have no clue what they are talking about!

Thank you for this post...people need to know that it is not OUR country and OUR military that are the bad guys...we are there for the good!

A GAL NEEDS... said...

I love this post and I wish that more people would realize the good that our troops do and how much they are sacrificing. They are the best our country has to offer and we need to be so appreciative. May you be blessed as you strive to hold down the proverbial fort while your husband is away serving our country!

Judy Joyce said...

Thank you both! I hope more people start to realize the strength and love our military members provide for all. :)

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