Embracing a Healthy Family: Vistaprint: Making an Impression

Vistaprint: Making an Impression

Vistaprint. Make an impression.

My daughter, who just turned seven, was interested in giving back to others kids with epilepsy.  It was my idea but she quickly embraced and loved the idea.   As soon as we talked about it and made a plan, I decided we needed business cards and naturally, I turned to Vistaprint given that I've used them before for my printing needs and was very pleased.

For this review, I was provided a complimentary set of my choice of business cards.  I was able to go online and decide which template to use or I could design my own.  The beauty with Vistaprint is you can have nearly all the work done for you or you can be as creative as you like.  The process was quick, easy and painless which given my time crunches, this was essential.  Since I chose a template, all I had to do was fill in the blanks, delete lines I didn't want or add where I wanted text.  It was beyond easy!

Another aspect I like about Vistaprint is they provide complimentary products that completes the package.   When I finished the business cards, I was able to choose from matching letterhead, folders, envelopes, sticky notes, a website, return address labels, note pads, pens, t-shirt, postcards, hats and car door magnets.

Vistaprint is available in a variety of countries so it's not just limited to the US.  This could also be a great feature for global businesses.  Vistaprint is always having sales offering great discounts and free products all the time.

Small Banner Marquee
They have products not only for businesses but also for you.  Whether you are planning a get together or a party, there are invitations, banners, calendars and so much more to choose from.  I bought a welcome home banner for my husband's return from Kuwait two year's ago and still use it every time he has returned.  It's also of great quality and has not faded which is remarkable considering it was outside for over a month on two different occasions.
5" x 7" Photo Flip Books
I received my cards in a very short amount of time, quicker than I had expected and the quality was impeccable.  The paper was durable and had a nice texture.  The print was just as it showed online.  They are perfect for our project and I can't wait to deliver our gift bags to the children at the local hospital with Vistaprint's business cards I received.

Caricature Products

Since this is the third time I've used Vistaprint, I highly recommend their services as each time I had placed an order, the quality was amazing.

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