Embracing a Healthy Family: Vote for Colleen_Mouse at Mamavation Please

Vote for Colleen_Mouse at Mamavation Please

Hello to all my followers!  I'm asking a favor for a friend that also blogs.  Her name is Colleen and she's trying to win a spot as the next Mamavation Mom and you can help!

All it takes is 30 seconds to vote for her at http://www.mamavation.com on the right side.

Her name is colleen_mouse and she's so worthy of this opportunity so please vote!

If you do not know about Mamavation, it's a great site of mom's that encourages one another to not only lose weight but get healthy.  It's all about getting healthier and when you get healthier, the weight drops.  The fierce leader is "BookieBoo" who is an amazing success story of triumph and commitment.  

If you are longing to get healthier, check them out or minimally, please vote for Colleen as she's a success story who needs a final push to reach her goal.


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