Embracing a Healthy Family: Children's Claritin and Georgia Weather

Children's Claritin and Georgia Weather

I seriously don't think I've ever lived in a place that caused so many allergy issues with my family.  I have one child on two daily medications and the rest of us suffer from allergies.  We had some allergy issues but never like this since we moved to Georgia.  I've tried many over the counter drugs for allergies and the only one that I find works the best is what my daughter's allergist recommended which is Children's Claritin.  I'm also a BzzAgent who was able to receive a complimentary product.  Although I'm not required to write a blog posts on it, I do because I really feel the product works and it works well.  It's been a life saver whenever my youngest starts to crash with her symptoms.  Her chronic condition has proven to be life threatening so I have to stay up on her symptoms and treatment options.  


Children's Claritin® Grape Chewables     Children's Claritin® Grape Flavored Syrup

My middle one also takes Claritin for seasonal allergies while myself and my oldest take Claritin.

Since I'm also into saving money, I thought I'd share that Claritin has a $3 off coupon here.

*Disclosure:  This post was a result of my participation in a BzzAgent campaign for Claritin.  The opinions reflected in this review are true and accurate based on my actual usage of Children's Claritin.  I received no financial compensation for this post.

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