Embracing a Healthy Family: Children's Claritin: A Victory for Our Asthmatic/Allergy Prone Two Year Old

Children's Claritin: A Victory for Our Asthmatic/Allergy Prone Two Year Old

I am ecstatic and it's because my youngest, two year's old, will not take any oral medications.  I think it stems from a history of prior hospitalizations and the horrible taste of liquid steroids and fever reducing medications.  To this day, when she gets a fever, I resort to homeopathic methods as she vomits anything I give her.  Luckily, her Singulair is in crystal form and her Flovent is an inhaler so I don't have to battle her with those.  Her allergist also prescribed Nasalcrom which she hates as it's pumped in through the nose.  He also prescribed Children's Claritin and luckily since I'm a BzzAgent, I received a complimentary package of it.  My seven year old will take it with no problem but I thought getting the two year old to take it would take an act of God.

I was wrong!  She has taken it three days in a row now without any fighting.  Victory!  I'm beyond happy because when this child starts to get a runny nose and eyes, it's all downhill and she can crash hard.  The last two times only required trips to the ER but before that, she's been hospitalized a few times and almost died in November of 2008.  Having a child intubated and being told they don't know if she will pull out of it is so scary and nothing I've ever experienced.

So, this is day three and I've noticed each time she takes her Children's Claritin, her symptoms improve quickly.  I again, am so happy that she will take this!  Thanks, Claritin!

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