Embracing a Healthy Family: Daughter "Needsss You" to Her Deployed Dad & Huggies Pull Ups

Daughter "Needsss You" to Her Deployed Dad & Huggies Pull Ups

On Mother's Day, my husband was able to call and wish me a Happy Mother's Day which is nice since I'm not his mother.  He has never been good with buying gifts from the girls for me and about five day's ago, he asked what I wanted.  Luckily, my oldest took care of it and I was quite content with my anniversary edition of Out of Africa, The Biggest Loser book, a huge "You are My Sunshine" balloon that sings and home made Hawaiian chicken kabobs.

Hubby has been in Kuwait for over a week now.  In case you are reading this and wondered, he has a decent place to live for the year which he describes a cross between a Marriott and prison.  He says the Marriott because he has a TV (no remote and some cable, restricted channels) and highly restrictive internet access.  The walls are concrete blocks and he has aluminum foil on the windows as he works 12 hour night shifts.    

Our two year old, soon to be three at the end of June, got on the phone and said, "hi dada. I needssss you." It's so heart breaking to me and I'm sure to him to hear this as he embarks on losing four months of her life last year this time and this time for a whole year.  He does get to come home early November for two weeks but that is not the same.  

Both our seven year old and two year old have been drawing him pictures and periodically crying at night missing him.  I'm sure it saddens him yet makes him feel loved.

He is fortunate to be able to send e-mails so unless there is a sand storm or some other reason, I hear from him daily.  He told me has to go to another country in the Middle East sometime this month.  Ordinarily, I'm not too worried about his safety but when they start sending him out on helicopters to other countries and regions as they did the last time, it really worries me.

The good news we were able to tell him is thanks to Huggies, she is nearly all potty trained!  Yeah!  It took her just a few days to want to do it and she's been using it ever since with the exception of the other deed and overnight but we're getting there!  Thanks! Huggies Pull Ups!

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