Embracing a Healthy Family: Does a Celebrity Influence Your Eyeglass Decisions?

Does a Celebrity Influence Your Eyeglass Decisions?

The other day, I was having a conversation about eyeglasses with a friend.  We were discussing which celebrity eyeglasses we liked the most which led me to wonder how many people actually purchase their glasses based on a celebrity?  I have to admit that I loved the glasses that Sarah Palin wore.  I thought they were sleek, professional yet sexy.  Other people like Johnny Depp's glasses and the great thing with Johnny, he can wear any type of glasses he wants!

It seems the latest trend among Hollywood has been to wear glasses.  I don't know which ones are wearing prescription glasses or fake glasses but they have turned them into a great fashion accessory.  I love that they help to take away some of the stigma around wearing glasses.  It was always a joke to have that librarian look but it's funny how surveys have revealed that men actually find that look sexy.   Another aspect is a child's favorite celebrity might wear glasses which could help him wear his glasses with greater confidence or at least prevent one from picking on another.

There are so many different types of glasses available it makes it really hard to determine which pair to get.  This is where I do indulge and make my decision based on what a celebrity wears.  I don't wear it because they wear them rather I would choose them based on liking the look on them.  My friend choses her glasses based solely on the celebrity she likes. 

We also talked about how glasses have come a long way since my first pair in the sixth grade.  I think there were a handful of choices and they were big, bigger and bigger!  I have a picture but it would make you laugh too hard to see it!   When I took my father to get a pair last summer, I was amazed at how many different types of prescription eyeglasses there are.  They have expanded to offer such versatility along with the ability to be fashionable.  I love the fact that you can have a real choice whether you want to look traditional, sexy, sophisticated or just different.  

How about you?  Is there a celebrity that helps influence your glasses choice or is there a celebrity you love to see wearing them?

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* Disclaimer:  This is a paid post per FTC requirements.

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