Embracing a Healthy Family: Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic Product Reviews

Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic Product Reviews

Current events on product safety have bombarded our world in the recent past to include the recall of numerous baby products.  Product safety is crucial when dealing with items geared towards pregnancy, babies and children.  These three critical stages in life can shape the future of health and well being.  As a parent, I'm concerned about the products I give my children and want only the very best.  The internet has proven a great educational resource on what is healthy and safe and what isn't.  We just spent our lifetime not fully grasping what we ingested and in time, technological advances continued to improve production and quantity but not necessarily quality.  As I move forward on this educational journey on the realities of product manufacturing, I'm appalled at what is included in the very products we use every day.  When I find a business that is dedicated in improving our lives, educating us on the importance of organic and high quality products, I like to spread the word.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic Products is one of those businesses that are dedicated to providing high quality, organic products for both pregnancy, child birth and beyond.   Earth Mama Angel Baby products claim to offer the purest, zero toxin, all natural, herbal organic baby products.  They don't stop with baby products but also have an array of products for pregnancy.

Earth Mama Angel Baby's again have the claim of all natural, herbal pregnancy products combine ancient medicinal plant wisdom with contemporary science based research to offer safe solutions and comfort through pregnancy nausea, morning sickness, heartburn, hemorrhoids, pregnancy anxiety, swollen feet, stretch marks and more.

Other products include Labor Ease, Postpartum Recovery, Breastfeeding, Baby Loss Comfort and teas.

There are numerous other resources from the site that are invaluable to anyone pregnant.

The Review:

We received the Pregnancy Kit for this review.  The products included Mama-To-Be Tea Sampler, Natural Stretch Oil, Happy Feet.  These Mama's Pregnancy Essentials  eases pregnancy's common discomforts.  USDA certified 100% Organic and Certified Kosher Mama-To-Be Tea Sampler has teas for nausea, heartburn, anxiety and labor ease,

The Natural Stretch Oil helps to deter stretch marks and relieve the itch of expanding bellies, breasts and hips.  This was a nice soothing oil that went on smooth and made the skin soft.  It's too early to know if it's effective and a follow up post will be provided.  The aroma is also pleasant.

The Happy Feet is a blend of organic herbs, salts and organic pure essential oils that help to provide comfort to those poor feet.  It has a pleasant aroma and feels good as it's being absorbed by the skin.

Happy Mama Body Wash is naturally safe for both mom and baby.  It's also ideal for those with sensitivity due to morning sickness.  The fresh ginger smell has been proven in other studies to help with queasiness.  This product is also USDA Certified Made with Organic ingredients.  The olive oil castile soap base provides a soft, smooth after effect.

All products were enjoyed by the reviewer.  The reviewer particularly enjoyed the fragrances associated with each product as it was not overpowering.  The bonus to every product was the USDA Certification which alleviates concerns of false claims.  Earth Mama Angel Baby is a trusted company with great products.

Earth Mama Angel Baby

Breastfeeding Support Kit

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Roel Organic Baby said...

The reason I use organic and biodegradable baby products is simply because it is healthier for my baby. There are no chemicals or toxins in it, so it is much better.

MoonRae said...

My great great nephew was born a couple of weeks ago, thanks so much for the introduction of these products. I'm sure my great niece would still enjoy some of these.


holly said...

i used the soaps after i had my daughter and loved them wish i knew about these while i was pregnant

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