Embracing a Healthy Family: Eden Home: Where Organic Style Comes Naturally Review

Eden Home: Where Organic Style Comes Naturally Review

Eden Home

I have written before about the reasons why I choose to switch to organic products and why I have made that decision.  I have to admit, I have not made the complete jump over and am still a work in progress but the more I read, the more logical it sounds to do so.  When I hear about businesses offering more products that are produced from organic or natural products, I'm definitely interested.  If you think about every day products, they are applied on our skin, are next to our skin or ingested.  In a scientific world as ours, we truly do not know the long term implications of this and maybe never will.  In the mean time, to me, it makes sense to take the steps now to protect myself and my family and maybe impact their decisions as they grow to live the healthiest lives possible.

Eden Homes is a company that exemplifies the importance of safe, organic products in the products they sale.  They have a range of products from Bedding, Bath, Home, Baby, Kids and Clothing.  Having children, it's important that the choices include safe products that will not harm their health and promote well being.  Eden Homes lists four main reasons to switch to an organic life:

  1. Toxin-free farming & processing - by reducing the number of toxins we put in the earth, we reduce the number going into our bodies.  It's also good for the environment and helps to promote healthy, sustainable soil and water.
  2. Good for the earth - as noted above, it's just good common sense that we protect the soil, water and air around us.  We have to be aware of our surroundings and ensure a healthy future for more generations to come.
  3. Feel better - some of us are extra sensitive like my youngest who has allergies to certain products that come in contact with her skin.  By using natural organic products, the chances of irritations are lessened since the use of chemicals and other products are not present.
  4. Healthy beginnings - we've all seen the horror stories of products that contain toxic chemicals, lead, BPA and more in the products we use and give to our babies.  This cannot be healthy and why take the chance when the safe alternative is natural, organic products.

Due to what I read about Eden Home, I wanted to participate in this opportunity from FuelMyBlog to review Eden Home in exchange for a written review.  

Two of the products I chose were from the recycled toy category by Sprig Toys and are BPA free plastic eco truck and loader.  My girls have a sandbox and love to play with boy toys. 

Natural Toys - Sprig Toys Eco Dump Truck BPA-Free Plastic Toy Natural Toys - Sprig Toys Eco Loader BPA-Free Plastic Toy

These two toys are durable and are really inexpensive at $15 each.  The scooping action and rotating chassis allowed them to have some serious fun scooping and loading into the dump truck.  The dump truck has a tilting cab, locking bed and a swing out tailgate.  Both toys are ideal for kids as they are bulky and battery free making it a hit with parents.  Being eco-friendly is wonderful too!

The other item I reviewed was the Picnic Pal Organic Baby Blanket.  It was a little smaller than I had expected but that was my fault for not reading the description better but it is adorable and hypoallergenic  with soft organic cotton.  A sure hit for anyone!  It arrived in this great reusable organic tote that I love!

Show Picture 1

What I liked the most about Eden Home is the choice of organic baby products they have.  I was surprised to see the number of organic baby clothes, organic baby blankets and organic baby gifts.  Since I'm going to be a grandma in October, I am encouraging my daughter to enter the big baby gift registry contest as well.

They carry the top line of organic products and ordering was extremely easy.  I received my products fast and they were of high quality.   I liked the extra care Eden Home provides with helping the customer understand what constitutes organic products and tidbits of information along the way.  The site is chalked full of useful information and is a one stop shop for numerous products.  The selection of products is exceptional.

I would recommend Eden Home to anyone who is looking to make that move over to organic products or who have already done it. If you haven't, check them out, you will love them for the selection, customer service, quality, price and for what you can learn about organic products.  Eden Home also has their seal of assurance so you can be sure you are receiving the very best organic products.  To read about it and understand their product line, click here

Don't forget the great gift suggestions too!

Organic Gift - Eden Home Dream & Coffee Gift Set for Her  Organic Baby Gift - Eden Home Organic Baby Sling Gift Set

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Information on the Baby Gift Registry can be found here as well as to create your registry:

Win an organic baby shower!


Win an Organic Baby Shower with over $2,000* in prizes to be won!


No Purchase Necessary. For a chance to win one (1) Grand Prize of "An Organic Baby Shower" worth $1,000* in Eden Home product from EdenHome.com, you must submit your entry (create an EdenHome.com account, create your gift registry & sign up for Email, add products that you would like for your organic baby shower and email your gift registry link to at least 10 friends), by 11:59 p.m. PST on Wednesday, June 30, 2010. EdenHome.com will randomly select the name of the grand prize winner by the end of the day on Friday, July 2, 2010. The winner will be notified via e-mail. If you are selected and meet the eligibility requirements set forth herein, the Prize will be delivered to the name and address (& email) that you provide with your entry.

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