Embracing a Healthy Family: Journals Unlimited Review

Journals Unlimited Review

Journals Unlimited

Journals are always a nice way to preserve memories whether you want to record such events like your weight loss endeavor, every day thoughts, devotionals, memories from a loved one or so many other reasons.  Journals have been around for as long as we've been writing.  They are excellent tools to capture those moments and most likely, you had at least one journal in your life whether it be a diary or something else.  I like journals and enjoy the new selections available.  I received a complimentary journal from Journals Unlimited from their Write it Down series.

The Write It Down Series Journals  The Notepad Series 

 The Color Collection  The Between Me And You Series Journals  

Custom Journals

Journals Unlimited have a variety of different type of journals under different categories:

  • Write it Down
  • Notepad
  • The Color Collection
  • Between You and Me
  • Custom Journals

My post will focus on the Write It Down series since this is the one that I reviewed.  The series has over 50 themes and different sizes such as full size, mid size or mini size which allows the buyer the perfect size to meet their needs.

On the full size series, here is a sample you can choose from:

There are so many to choose from that Journals Unlimited has you covered and what better of a gift than something that can be personalized and from the heart?

Daily Devotions - A Prayer Journal
I chose the Daily Devotions - A Prayer Journal for this review.  Here are a couple of the images inside:

Daily Devotions - A Prayer Journal    Daily Devotions - A Prayer Journal

The cover very sturdy and can be personalized for an additional $11.  The first page of each day has prompters to help you add thoughts such as what the weather is like, how you feel, inspirations, prayers, etc.  The second page is completely devoted to any reflections or notes you want to jot down.

I liked the high quality of the Journals Unlimited journals and the durability will ensure they will last a lifetime and beyond.  I would recommend these to encourage others to capture their thoughts, to give as gifts to loved ones and just to capture memories you might want to pass down to your children.  There is a journal for so many different themes that anyone on your gift list to include yourself are covered.

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