Embracing a Healthy Family: KettleWorx: Week One for a Six Week Body Workout

KettleWorx: Week One for a Six Week Body Workout

I'm back after absent a week and am ready to get moving with getting healthier for myself and kids.  I was given the fortunate opportunity to try out a complimentary set of KettleWorx Ultra 10,  I was thinking it was another one of those infomercial type workout programs but I was very pleasantly surprised with the entire package.  The entire series includes every possible combination you would want to workout your body while allowing the exercises to be manageable.  I became interested when another blogger, Colleen, was using KettleWorx and wrote about her positive experiences as well.

To start out with the KettleWorx program, you pick three days of the week you want to work out such as Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  There are optional workouts you can add in if you want to work out more than three days. Here is an example workout that I'm going to complete except I started on Sunday.

Week One:
  • Monday = Cardio ... Select “Week 1” from the menu that appears on your screen when you load the DVD 
  • Tuesday = Fast Fat Burn (10-Minute Supplemental Workout - optional)
  • Wednesday = Core ... Select “Week 1” 
  • Thursday = Fast Abs (10-Minute Supplemental Workout - optional)
  • Friday = Resistance ... Select “Week 1”

Week Two:
  • Repeat the same order, but this time choose “Week 2” when the DVD loads 
And so on through Week 6 with Maximize Your Results: Choose one of the DVDs from the Ultimate Body Collection and do one more workout on the weekend.

Fat Free in 42:  
The six week healthy eating guide (e-Book format) is available to ensure you are eating healthy during the six week transformation.

Just look at a real testimonial before and after picture:

I worked out with my middle daughter and it was a lot of fun ... hard work but it was one of those experiences where you feel really good as you know you did something good for your body.  Keep following to see how I progress throughout the six week program.  So far, I love it!

KettleWorx Ultra 10

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Matt said...

I love kettlebell workouts at the Y. Wish I could have a a kit like this at home...just can't afford it.

Tiffany said...

I love my medicine ball, it is similar to this.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

Judy Joyce said...

I've never tried one of those but always wondered. I really like the KettleWorx program but we'll see in a few weeks! Thanks for sharing, Tiffany!

Judy Joyce said...

I wished I knew how much "fun" the workouts are long before now, Matt. Thanks for your comment! I am also suprised at all what you get with the kit and when you factor in all the DVDs, the tips, the Kettleball, etc, it's worth it.

Anonymous said...

Dominick is the greatest!?

Anonymous said...

Great writing, I have been looking for something like that?

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