Embracing a Healthy Family: Kids Cooking Party Theme Ideas

Kids Cooking Party Theme Ideas

Having a cooking party theme for your child's birthday is really a fun way to introduce some healthy eating and culinary arts to their lives.  Kids seem to be embracing booking more and more thanks to the help of movies like Ratatouille.  Last year, my daughter had a party with that theme.  We had such a great time making little pizzas, cupcakes and other fun projects.

We started out having the kids decorate aprons and chef hats with foam stickers of their names.  This was a nice waiting game until all the guests arrived.  After that, we made little pizzas with dough I had bought from Publix.  I had a long buffet table set up to allow the kids to have a work station on both sides with the toppings in the middle.  Each one had their own rolling pin that I purchased at Michaels.  They were allowed to take those home too.

After the pizzas were done and cooking, the girls began decorating cupcakes with frosting and whatever toppings they wanted.  I bought matching favor boxes that were large enough to allow each child to take their cupcake home as I ordered a custom Ratatouille cake for the big event.



For her party, I coordinated the invitations, the stamps the apron, the shirt, the buttons and a poster to allow the other kids to sign as a memory item:

Kid's Cooking Party Template shirt
Kid's Cooking Party Template

There are other themes to choose from as well.  We had a great time and the other parents thought I was crazy having such a huge mess in my house but it was so worth it!

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