Embracing a Healthy Family: Little Tykes Makin' Mud Pies & the SwingAlong Castle Review

Little Tykes Makin' Mud Pies & the SwingAlong Castle Review

Makin' Mud Pies™
My daughter just squealed with delight when the new Little Tykes Makin' Mud Pies commercial came on.  What a cute concept but then again, it is Little Tykes and we love their products!  I have purchased so many of them for all my kids.

It's really cute and gives them the chance to have fun in the sun while being creative.


  • Hand-crank mud mixer with a mixer head that pivots up and down like a real one.
  • A real working sink that you fill up from a garden hose or container.  They push the pump button and the water pours out.
  • No batteries!  Can you believe it???
Just when you thought it couldn't get any cuter, online at Little Tykes, there are recipe cards.  Here are a couple:


SwingAlong Castle

SwingAlong™ Castle
My middle child had the SwingAlong Castle when she was a toddle and loved it!  When we moved to Hawaii, we didn't take it with us but we made another kid very happy!

  • Play telescope swiveled all around giving her the feeling it was real.
  • The swing featured a three-point safety belt so I didn't have to worry about her falling out.
  • The easy-climb rock wall helped encourage her to develop coordination.
  • The gentle sloped slide was perfect for no-hurt fun.
  • The steering wheel moved giving her more realistic fun.

I know both would love the Makin' Mud Pies and my middle one loved her SwingAlong Castle.

Stay tuned for more reviews on Little Tykes!

*Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this post.

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