Embracing a Healthy Family: MamaRoo Infant Seat Review

MamaRoo Infant Seat Review

 How about a baby product that provides multiple uses all while making your life easier?  We found that with the MamaRoo fits that bill as we received as a special giveaway from 4MomsOnline.  This is a fantastic idea and coming from an experienced mother, I have learned what is a good product or not based on my needs.  My oldest daughter loved it with BOTH of her children and it's a keep sake.  She's removed many items from her first baby but she hung on to her MamaRoo because she loves it!

When we first received our silver MamaRoo, I was in awe over the product features of five unique motions and sounds.  My seven year old had severe colic and when I heard the sounds and motions from the MamaRoo, the first thing I thought of was how much Jamie could have benefited from this.  

If you want something different from the five built-in nature sounds, you can hook up your MP3 for a listen! Talk about versatility!  The five speeds of motion can be sped up or slowed down based on your baby's preference.  The easy to read LCD light up indicator makes using the MamaRoo a breeze and with six colors to choose from, they will coordinate with your style.

The size is perfect as it doesn't take up a lot of space and with the versatility of motions, it also takes away the need for other products.  I like that it sourced by power and not batteries as that can be expensive.

Overall, I think it's a must have for any new parent.  It's versatility will eliminate the need to purchase other products, the speed, movements and sound should fit just about any baby's needs to provide comfort and safety.  The fact that the fabric is washable is always a plus and the little colorful toy on top is an added feature for stimulation.  Since the product does have the built-in nature sounds which is a great feature for babies with colic along with the ability to add a MP3 to it, it should provide the added bonus feature of other music such as Bach or anything you want.

Priced around $269, it's a good bargain considering what you get, the quality and the comfort it might provide your baby and you!   We love it!

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