Embracing a Healthy Family: Mamavation Monday

Mamavation Monday

I missed last week's post but things were crazy busy with my husband's deployment to Kuwait for one year on Thursday.  The girls were impacted the most with missing him as taking him to the airport to say goodbye emphasized the fact he was leaving.  I had a much better week with my eating habits and due to a renewed interest on living on a budget to save money, grocery shopping is more stringent.  This is doubly good as all the snack and garbage food are cut out so no more temptations.  Last night, I was craving something, took the stroll through the kitchen, found nothing and went back to sleep. I loved it!  I'm weak and so temptation is bad for me.

My commitment this week is to continue to halt emotional eating, increase regular exercise and get my girls involved with some Wii workout fun!

We have been going outside more which is great for them but I need to get up and do more too.  With hubby gone, yard duty falls to me so that will add a little something.

I'm still having trouble getting my seven year old to eat more veggies.  Even tried buying organic vegetables and dip but she didn't like it.   I just received a new kids cookbook to review so I'm hoping if I make her the top chef, she might be inclined to eat what she cooks so we'll see.

This Monday starts a whole new beginning to me and the girls.  I intend on focusing on getting healthier for the long haul, instilling good healthy habits in them to shape their future and kick in the real deal on losing weight the healthy way.  I want to do this for myself, my girls and my husband.


A HUGE thank you to Earth Footwear who is amazing sponsor for Mamavation.  I love my Earth Footwear shoes and hope to win a pair for my pregnant daughter.

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Tiffany said...

I know that this is a hard time for you and I just wanted to to let you know that you, your husband and your children are in my prayers. Your blog family is always here to support.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

bookieboo said...

This is a fantastic action plan for you if you want to work on healthy habits for your family, http://www.mamavation.com/2010/04/are-you-up-for-challenge-dr-oz-chiquita.html.

I'm so sorry your husband is gone. I have no idea how you do it...I would just die. But I heart you! XXOO

@Dana321 said...

Emotional eatting it HARD. Something I have done in the past is get a journal and leave it in the kitchen anytime you go in there write something in the journal. "I'm Hungry", "I miss you", "My girl's are driving me nuts"...you get the point but you will see what is driving you to the kitchen. I am sorry that your hubby has been deployed. But I am thankful to him and you for his duty. Use his deployment too to get you through. Write him letters when you go to the kitchen, You can mail them to him or keep them for him to read when he gets home. But that will give you a moment to turn away from emotional eatting and a chance to realize it is emotional cravings or not.
Good luck!!

Judy Joyce said...

Thanks for the nice well wishes and love the tip on the emotional journal! :)

kia said...

Thank you for essentially sharing your husband with all of us. That is what any military family's deployment seems to me. I will keep him and you in my warm thoughts.

I love that you and the kiddos are working on a positive action plan. Another option with the child vs. kitchen veggie wars is to follow @whatscooking she does a website about engaging kids in the kitchen. Have a great week.

Lisa Johnston said...

You are so strong, mama!

Emotional eating is soo tough, and it's great that you're eliminating any temptations.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

You can do this, girl!

Have a great week!


Judy Joyce said...

You Sistas are so sweet! Thanks!

Shanaka @ Mama Bee Does said...

Hugs to you and your girls. I have a cousin that has been in Kuwait since March and he'll be home this fall. I too know that emotional eating is hard. Good for you for not giving in. Living on a budget to save money is a good way to keep junk food out of the house too ;) I hope you have a great week!

Colleen said...

Lots of luck with everything! I am sure it is going to be an emotional year...so starting out right away by getting rid of so muchof the junk food will be a great way to avoid the emotional eating for all of you! I have noticed with Zach that the less junk, and more healthier options the more he has started to eat some veggies and fruits. He is really picky...but I think from watching me and watching others(even cartoons/school) eating the veggies has got him eating them. Its just a matter of finding a couple they like. I have to buy some bok choy next time thanks to Ni Hao Kailan.

The Maniacal Matron - @MMScarlett said...

If you keep up when your husband comes home, he may not recognize you! :)

being apart is always hard. I have a hard time with 1 night! Thank hour husband for me and my family for serving. It's not easy but someone has to do it.

Great idea on getting the girls involved. Maybe you csn find enough distractions via the wii and other fun healthy things to lessen the impact a little.

Judy Joyce said...

Thanks Thrify Mama B! It's always hard when they are gone so long but I'm thankful it's Kuwait and not Iraq or Afghanistan again!

Judy Joyce said...

I'm using you, Colleen as my inspiration! :) Thanks!

Thanks, The Maniacal Matron! I will thank him as he always appreciates it when others recognize the importance they are doing. I have a very sad picture of him holding our two year old just as we were going to leave. It really showed his pain for the first time ever.

Unknown said...

I love your commitment to being healthy, being a good example, and sticking to a budget. You are off to a great start and I'm so excited to see you progress in the coming months!

Judy Joyce said...

Thanks Heather! You're an inspiration to me too!

Angela said...

Thank you to you and your husband for your love and commitment to this country. I appreciate his service and your compassion and patience. You are clearly a very strong woman, so I have no doubt whatsoever that you will succeed at making healthy changes for both you and your family.

Judy Joyce said...

Thanks, Angela! It's ironic as you when you wrote that, I've been tending to the two year old who is vomiting and trying to get her two daily medications in her before the next episode when my seven year old either got what she has or is having one of her epilepsy induced migraines. I had to then time her two meds around the episode. I'm not feeling too strong at the moment...lol! If I can conquor the emotional eating, I'll be just fine :)

~Lori~ said...

Im with all the other girls. Thank you for sharing your husband with us essentially. His love and commitment to this country is amazing.

Keep your head up and we are here to support you! <3


CJinKY said...

I can't imagine how difficult it must be for you to have your husband gone for a year. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for not only his sacrifice, but your entire family's.

I think it's a great idea to get your kids involved in the cooking! I imagine they'll want to test out the final product of all their hard work.

Judy Joyce said...

~Lori~ & CJinKY, thank you so much! All of you from the Sistas have taken a slight edge off it all! I actually teared up on your last two as I never really stop to think of the real impact as it's easier to beat myself up over being weak and not fulfilling my goals. :)

Laurie said...

Oh honey... I cannot even imagine what you are going through. Thank you for your family's sacrifice.

I think it is a great idea to get your girls involved with the Wii. It is way more fun when you have others doing it with you too.

Have a great week. *hugs*

JustTracyB said...

Wishing your husband a safe deployment. You've got a lot going on.
We're here for you and just a tweet or email away.

LuAnn @ BackPorchervations said...

Thank you so much for the sacrifice you and yours are making by having a family member in the military. We can trade picky-eater-kids tips and strategies.
BTW, 2 years ago DH and the kids went to Texas to visit his Mom, while I had to stay behind in Kentucky for a week. I stressed a lot, and 'handled it' by getting a tattoo. *lol*

Judy Joyce said...

What a great group! Thank you all so much! Your words of support and encouragement mean so much!

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