Embracing a Healthy Family: Pillsbury Crescent Rolls & Sneaky Eating Ideas for Kids

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls & Sneaky Eating Ideas for Kids

I finally figured out how to get my children to eat better food.  I let them cook and pick out recipes.  They have their little chef outfits and aprons from Flirty Aprons so they are already to go.  With Pillsbury, I can have them create quick and easy meals without all the fuss and mess.

This little sneaky trick allows them to use Pillsbury Crescent rolls, fresh vegetables, pizza sauce and cheese to make pizza pockets.  They have so much fun "painting" the sauce and olive oil that they don't realize there is a bit of healthiness involved.

I think our next feat will be to plan a menu for a dinner where they choose the items and help pick out the fruit and vegetables in the store.  Followed up by helping to cook, they might be more inclined to eat it.

We'll see!

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