Embracing a Healthy Family: Please Vote for Lizzie Lou Shoes

Please Vote for Lizzie Lou Shoes

Ever hear of Lizzie Lou Shoes?  If you haven't, you are missing out as they are they are amazingly cute!

Please vote for Lizzie Lou Shoes here.

Amidala  *retired*
Blue Calypso  Turquoise Peacock

I just bought these and I can't wait to get them!  

Texas Rhinestones

Sheena Garg Edwards, mompreneur and owner & designer of Lizzie Lou Shoes, first became determined to create a line of beautiful, jeweled flip-flop for moms & daughters that was still reasonably priced after a shopping excursion with her younger daughter, Lizzie, a shoe-aholic.

"I love owning my own business. It gives me the creative outlet I crave while still allowing me to be home with my kids and not miss a thing –with the exception of sleep!" says Sheena. Like many women, Sheena juggles her various roles as a full-time mother of three, wife, cook, taxi driver, and cleaning lady with that of business owner every day of the week.
Sheena Garg Edwards sitting on steps holding crystal flip flopThe company is based in San Antonio, Texas, while production is managed by Sheena's cousin, Shilpi Goel in New Delhi, India. This international relationship allows for the popular colors and styles of India to be brought to the United States in a way that has never been seen before in flip-flops.

Over a year has been spent producing and developing these shoes, ensuring the highest quality of workmanship, style and comfort. With each pair of Lizzie Lou Shoes, you can be assured that the beautiful footwear will withstand the lifestyle of busy moms. 

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lizzieloushoes said...

Judy, thank you, you are just the most amazing person! Always willing to promote others. So glad we met through a twitter party! Thanks again!

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