Embracing a Healthy Family: Prepping a House for the Market on a Budget with Wall Decals

Prepping a House for the Market on a Budget with Wall Decals

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Being a military family sounds intriguing for those who have not experienced life as a military family but I have to admit, it has it perks.  Relocating every three years is painful in some aspects such as finding a new place to live, having to get the children used to leaving all their friends and making new ones, worrying about a career and many other aspects not mentioned.  However, moving every three years definitely provides the ultimate spring cleaning exercise as if you do it correctly, you purge and sort.  You get organized and you clean as who wants the embarrassment of the movers seeing dirt.  I'm one of those ones who would clean before the maid arrived if I had a maid.

This is a busy year for us as my husband deployed to Kuwait last week for a year, we will be relocating to a new base, I will have to prep the house to sell in spite of being upside down on our loan and we're going to be grandparents.  Two of the changes we anticipated but losing so much on the house and becoming grandparents were somewhat shocking to us.  Nonetheless, everything has its reason and it will be alright.

As I embark on a first time journey of selling a house on a limited budget as I'm three steps (or I should say three weeks) from being laid off.  My goal is to get the maximum from my investments as we already sunk too much money in a house that should not have turned into a money pit.  My ideas include the wonderful world of wall decals.

My first choice is Dezign with a Z as I had a prior review this delightful company and found their customer service what I expect of a business.  Their selection is outstanding along with their website that helps to create a fun atmosphere.

The first room to tackle is the formal sitting room which is yellow in color and does not require a new coat of paint.  For this post, I will focus on ideas as the room is decorated with a large Japanese wall type shelf unit/cabinet.  It was brought over from Japan by my mother-in-law when they were stationed there many year's ago.

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reusable wall stickers Flora101 removable wall stickers

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Our large open, high ceiling foyer, living room and entrance to the kitchen will need a new coat of paint.  I will also need to purge and reduce clutter.  One of the important keys to selling your house is to make it open and have the appearance of wide open spaces.  For this area, painting and decluttering is enough.

The kitchen needs desperate help which will not be inexpensive so I'm skipping that area.  So the next step is outside where I'll rely on some inexpensive shrubs and flowers to spruce it up a bit.  It seems the most inexpensive way to tackle the inside will be with wall decals.  Now to decide which ones will look the best.

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