Embracing a Healthy Family: Safety 1st Complete Healthcare Kit Review

Safety 1st Complete Healthcare Kit Review


I want nothing but the best for my children as I'm sure all parents do.  Finding a trusted brand for products that I know will work and be safe for my children is very important.  Every parent should have the basics when they bring home that bundle of joy and even if your children are not babies, it's never too late to have a kit that provides the basic tools in taking care of them.  With all my children, I've always purchased a new baby kit or with my last one, I had an existing one.  What I like about those baby kits are everything you need are together in a nice neat kit.

Safety 1st is a brand I trust and am very familiar with as I've purchased some of their products for all my kids from them.  I received a complimentary Complete Healthcare Kit for this review.  


The Complete Healthcare Kit from Safety 1st offers a convenient way to keep all your baby's healthcare needs together.  The included zip-up cases make it easy to take everything you want along with you while traveling and also help keep things in one place when you're at home.

Safety 1st
  •  2 Easy-View cases for travel and storage
  •  Medicine spoon with clear markings and an easy-to-hold handle, made without BPA
  • Clear tip nasal aspirator features small, flexible tip
  • Pack of thermometer covers for a clean probe tip every time
  • Digital thermometer with protective case features multiple modes for oral, rectal or underarm
  • Easy fill medicine syringe with curved grip and made without BPA
  • Baby scissors with curved cutting edges for a better trim
  • Steady grip nail clippers with easy grip handle and curved cutting edges
  • Tweezers
  • 10 Emery boards 


 The new Complete Healthcare Kit comes in a new fashionable, modern design.  I liked the design and the clear case to allow easy view.  Having two cases also allows for an easy smaller choice if I have to travel or the velcro allows both cases to stay together.   I liked the fact that the products are BPA free given all the bad news stories on how harmful BPA products can be.

The kit contains everything a parent needs without having to make numerous visits.   Each product is customized for little hands and needs to include conveniences for the parents such as that baby scissors with curved edges to the finger clippers.

Priced at under $15 at Target, it's inexpensive.

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